“I was the kid who took apart all of his toys.”

I’ve always played with electronics — And you might say “I have a knack” for all things electronic. 

Way back in 1983, I built my first “personal” computer” (Way before they were cool!) — And I haven’t stopped messing with the things since.

I graduated from The National Institute of Technology (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) with a Electronics and Engineering Technology diploma.   

For 32 years I served as a Electronics/Radio technician for the State of Ohio until I moved to Iowa in 2016. 

In Iowa I was employed as a Senior RF technician until retiring in 2018.

So what would a techy guy like myself hold as a hobby?  AMATEUR RADIO! (Of coarse!)  Holding the Extra-class license KB8DPN since 1986.  

Having the true nature of a HAM operator is the foundation of being HELPFUL.  When all else fails, “Hams” are there to provide help and communication in dire times.

Today I still like being helpful, and I enjoy working with folks to solve their technical problems.